LWL Community Starts First Girl Scout Troop in Fruitvale

imageA small group of teachers at LWL are starting a Girl Scout troop – it’s going to be the very first one in the Fruitvale region of Oakland!

From teacher Sonya Mehta: ‘We’ve been inspired by the energy the inaugural class of girls has already brought to the few gatherings we’ve had so far, and are so excited for the possibilities the founding of this group could bring: access to the outdoors, opportunities to build leadership and public speaking skills, exposure to women in exciting and innovative professions, connection to a larger community of empowered women, and more.’

A recent article shared that 60% of women currently in Congress were Girl Scouts. Kudos to our teachers for providing our deserving students at LWL an opportunity that will give them skills, experiences, and a network that will serve them for the rest of their lives!

For those that would like to contribute to this cause, please see our teachers’ crowdfunding campaign. Thank you!