Revitalizing Lazear!


Lazear Charter Academy is a true cinderella story. More importantly, it is a story of a parent community that has fought for and worked for its neighborhood school.  In the past, prior to joining EFC, this Fruitvale neighborhood school struggled with keeping it’s doors opens due to academic performance and low enrollment. Rocio Gonzalez, who is the Parent Coordinator for the Family Leadership Center is a well respected and known figure in the community. She rallied a group of family leaders to help campaign for the school to stay open. With their hard work,  they were able keep Lazear active. Today they have a wait list for student enrollment and their family support is stronger than ever.

Go to Great School Voices to hear more about this heartfelt story that brought education back into the hands of the people.

Congratulations on your perseverance and dedication to education and community!