Real World Learning Experiences

Summer Pilot for Latitude - EFC's New High School!

EFC has been in design mode to develop it’s first High School – Latitude High 37.8 (slated to open in Fall 2018)! A key aspiration for Latitude is to connect our students with professionals across our community to demystify access to the wide spectrum of career fields that exist in the Bay Area.  This summer, the Latitude team, including its student design team, engaged in a pilot program with EFC 8th graders from ASCEND, Epic, and Lazear.

Our intrepid Latitude pilot students collaborated in teams of six on a professional film project, producing videos that showcased our visits to two local workplaces: Architecture studio Gyroscope Inc. in Jack London Square and E14 Gallery in Old Oakland. Working together as a film crew, using DSLR cameras and a boom mic, they interviewed Senior Designer Louise Mackie and gallery owner Viviana Rodriguez. Students also used drones to capture aerial video footage of the neighborhoods surrounding these two workplaces. They learned to use Adobe Premiere to edit their videos, integrating A and B roll footage to highlight the most valuable insights from their interviews.

The pilot helped the Latitude team gauge students’ skills and interests, as well as test out logistics for our community-based field work. The 8th graders experienced a taste of Latitude and got a head start on thinking about their hopes for high school and beyond!