My Story of Inspiration

From Fabiola Harvey, our COO:

I met Mr. Cilono in 2006. He was a teacher for one of our first charter schools and he is currently teaching middle school at Lazear Charter Academy.

Mr. Cilono is an example of compassion and dedication to children and families in challenging situations. He has the ability to transform the energy in a classroom and make every student feel equal and worthy.

He is our highest achiever and year after year he shows his dedication and commitment to these children in his classroom. He connects with them at a deeper level and does not lower the bar. He inspires them and challenges them every single day to learn and go to college. He stays connected with families for years and has taught several generations. I have seen Mr. Cilono teaching and interacting with families. He is compassionate, understanding and creative in finding solutions. He takes children in fantastic journeys, of self-awareness and success, and because of that he is my inspiration.

As part of the executive team, I look up to him as a teacher and a great asset to our community. Thank you, Mr Cilono, for being an inspiration to us all!

Mr. Cilono kissing a pig because his kids achieved their academic goals.