Making Their Voice Heard


Our students are making their voices heard in their communities and beyond. This November, a week before the presidential elections, Achieve 5th grader, Daniela Izagurrie travelled to Reno, NV with her family to campaign for her preferred candidate, Hillary Clinton. Her mom and two sisters knocked on doors  and passed out door hangers for an entire week to encourage people to vote. It was a challenge to remain calm, but she stayed committed to the mission. She felt it was imperative for people to vote during this election. When asked how she felt when people responded with negative remarks Daniela said, “I’m pretty tough so I don’t let certain things bother me”. This was Daniela’s second time campaigning during elections. In 2012, she walked through the neighborhoods of Reno and did the same for President Barack Obama. She got involved with politics through her mom. Like Daniela, her mom is very concerned and passionate about having a voice and impacting her community. 

On the night of the elections, Daniela and her family were still in Reno gathered with other volunteers. They started the night with much anticipation. When her preferred candidate did not win, Daniela admitted to feeling worried for her community. However, Daniella is not giving up on her mission. She want to continue to be of service to the people as she hope to become a policewoman in the future. Daniella was inspired and still believes she can become anything she wants in this country.  

#EFCPS look forward to seeing great things from you, Daniela. We have your back. We also have our communities’ back. Our diverse society is what makes our country unique and promising. We pledge to support our students to fulfill their own unique promises and to reach their potential.