Happy First Day of School at EFC!

FullSizeRenderIt was one of the most anticipated days of the year for students, parents, teachers and staff members. Yesterday, all six EFC schools officially began the SY17 school year and opened their doors and welcomed new and returning students to their institutions of learning.

Teachers and staff wasted no time introducing and practicing procedures to create a safe and effective learning environment for their students. Throughout the day, principals were seen talking to parents, helping out in the classrooms, and answering phones in the front offices to ensure their school was running efficiently. From our new TK’s (Transitional Kindergarteners)  to our 8th graders, students went straight to work and began establishing relationships with their teachers and new friends.

While a few tears were shed by parents dropping off their loved ones, they were happy to see them start a new school year.

We are so excited to have our students back.

Have a great school year everyone!