Epic’s Innovative Efforts Gaining Attention

Epic’s innovative model is attracting visitors wanting to learn more about personalized learning in its game-based learning environment. The goal is to put students in charge of their own narrative.

Stefan Kielbasiewicz, of the Brooklyn Quarterly, recently visited Epic and wrote a great article that outlines the school’s mission in detail.

Read it here

Tom Vander Ark, of Education Week, also had some kind words to share about our organization. Read his piece titled, “EFC: Turning around Oakland”.

EFC’s vision is to be a part of broader change in education and we are proud to learn of others sharing our story. We also appreciate the opportunity to learn from other organizations who are accomplishing amazing things with their own students. EFC leadership recently traveled to Acton Academy and the Sycamore School who are both increasing student agency through personalized learning. It is vital that we all continue to share as we build this movement!