Epic’s First 8th Grade Graduating Class is Onboard!


This school year Epic welcomed all three middle grade levels (6th, 7th, & 8th) and will be graduating their first 8th grade class this June. Staff members who have been with the school since Epic first opened its door are ecstatic to see this first group of students complete their final Quest: Graduation. Founded in 2014, Epic is a national Next Generation Learning Challenge winner and has been continually working to develop its innovative model.

This first graduating class have been on this Quest journey  since the beginning, challenged to think like Heroes while adapting a design thinking framework and social justice consciousness. The end goals is to strengthen these skills and apply them to their everyday lives.

Ms. Cabezas, founding team member & 6th grade engineering and design teacher, expressed that it feels great to see the school fully running with all grades and to build on a culture that is all about seeking ways to solve problems.

Epic’s 8th graders are excited to begin this school year. They are a little nervous about transitioning to high school but feel that the school is preparing them well.

Have an EPIC year 8th graders and see you at graduation next summer!