Deep Learning at ASCEND highlighted in Ed Week!


The expeditionary learning process at ASCEND makes learning relevant to students and really allows them engage deeply with the academic content. Recently, national journalist Kathleen Cushman took an in-depth look inside Ms. Rosa Miller’s 4th grade class at Ascend and delivered a great write-up on a two month interdisciplinary project on social justice movements that illustrated the power of this teaching and learning.

You can read the full article HERE and an excerpt is below:

[Ms. Miller] also recruited people who lived through those movements to tell their stories to the children. Ericka Huggins, a Black Panther Party leader, spoke to the class of her experiences. The mother of a former student at the school came in to tell of growing up in Delano, California, as the child of Filipino farm workers whose 1965 strike was the leading edge of the UFW movement.

That personal account lent extra resonance when the class watched “The Delano Manongs,” a documentary that spotlights the role of the trailblazing labor organizer Larry Itliong. Later, Rosa tracked down Itliong’s grown son, Johnny, to come and talk to the children. (See photo.) And students went on a field trip to a local farmers market, interviewing the venders about the conditions in which their crops were raised.

Ultimately, these students worked on projects that were displayed during ASCEND’s spring expo, an event that brings together the local community and highlights all of our students’ creative & meaningful work. Mr. Jose Garcia, Ms. Miller’s 4th grade colleague was a co-creator of this curriculum. Kudos to both for providing relevant & engaging learning to their students!