Why Work at Education for Change?

EFC seeks teachers who are passionate about engaging traditionally underserved students in meaningful and rigorous learning experiences, collaboratively approaching their practice with an inquiry stance, and working in partnership with families

  • Competitive Teacher Compensation Packages

  • Collaborative Culture

  • Strong Student Supports Framework

  • Diverse Portfolio of Schools

  • Innovative Mindset

  • Meaningful Family Partnerships

  • New Teacher Support

We collaborate

We are a team. We plan together, observe and analyze each other’s work, collaborate with our coaches and site leaders, partner with our families, and together make decisions about our programming

A learning organization

We approach our practice with an inquiry stance and growth mindset; we analyze, innovate, and iterate every day so that we continually improve. We believe in coaching and developing people at every level of experience, at every level of the organization.

We are solutions oriented

We approach every challenge with a problem-solving orientation. We listen to and encourage each other. We are resilient in the face of adversity.

We are accountable

Our mission is to provide a superior public education to Oakland’s most underserved children. We assume personal accountability for student growth; we analyze multiple forms of data, and that analysis drives our instruction.

We are student-focused

We form close relationships, utilize personalized learning, differentiate instruction, make learning culturally relevant, engage families, and provide individualized interventions to meet the needs of every child.

We listen

We are small, responsive organization that values student, family, and employee voice and input.

We are rooted in the community

Ours is a place-based strategy that works deeply with neighborhood leaders and partners to serve our children. We understand that the culture, values, traditions, and assets that our families bring must be leveraged and honored to reach and teach our children.