Lazear Charter Academy is a true cinderella story. More importantly, it is a story of a parent community that has fought for and worked for its neighborhood school.  In the past, prior to joining EFC, this Fruitvale neighborhood school struggled with keeping it’s doors opens due to academic performance and low enrollment. Rocio Gonzalez, who is the Parent Coordinator for the Family Leadership Center is a well respected and known figure in the community. She rallied a group of family leaders to help campaign for the school to stay open. With their hard work,  they were able keep Lazear active. Today they have a wait list for student enrollment and their family support is stronger than ever.

Go to Great School Voices to hear more about this heartfelt story that brought education back into the hands of the people.

Congratulations on your perseverance and dedication to education and community!





Starting this month we will be following the journey of six graduating students from each school until graduation. These students were selected by their principals and teachers because they continue to set positive examples through their dedication to education and service. They will be sharing experiences being at an EFC school, providing personal reflections about life and what they are looking forward to as they embark on transitioning to the next stage in their educational journey.  

Our purpose for doing this project is to share more stories about life experiences from the perspective of our students. Sometimes we tend to overlook the voices of our youth and assume that we know who they are and how they feel. We must continue to value them and listen to what they have to say about education and the issues that matter to them.

Make sure you follow their stories  on EFC’s website, Facebook or YouTube.



5184751969501184It’s a new year and EFC has a new banner but the same commitment to diversity. Our students fuel our staff to work harder and go beyond to ensure they ALL receive a quality education. EFC believes every child in our country has a right to a free education regardless of background, immigration status, ethnicity, gender, or religion. It is our responsibility to prepare them to be well equipped and independent thinkers. This important work cannot be achieved alone. We recognize our families and surrounding communities are instrumental in making this happen. We rely on their support in the classrooms,  at family leadership meetings, and when we rally to get important issues heard on a school district and county level.

As our country continue to seek hope and equality for all,  we want our families and friends to know that we will continue to celebrate our diversity and respect everyone’s opinions.

We would like to thank our families and staff for all that you do to make EFC alive.


Earlier this week, the EFC Board passed a resolution affirming EFC’s strong support for our community. Specifically, the resolution (which can be read here) states that Education for Change facilities and programs are a sanctuary for all children and adults. We strongly believe that public education is a right for ALL children in our community, and that EFC provides a safe, welcome, and protective environment for our students regardless of background, including undocumented or documented immigration status, religion, gender, ethnicity, etc.  Passing this resolution is one part of EFC’s efforts to support our community and maintain a safe learning environment for ALL our students.  

EFC is aware of the anxiety in our communities given the recent political context. This resolution sets in place procedures that we must abide by in order to ensure that our students have the right to attend school regardless of the immigration status of the child or of the child’s family members.

This issue really hits home for the EFC family. Our Chief Operating Officer, Fabiola Harvey said, “I can attest to the fear everyone is feeling, especially in the last weeks. Waking up every morning knowing that you may not come home is a terrifying thought. Our children must feel safe at all times and that is our highest priority. Rest assured, we are doing everything in our power to honor the commitment to protect our most precious asset: our kids.”

In addition to passing this resolution, EFC is taking additional steps to support our community, including:

  1. Creating banners to post at our schools to message this support for all students.
  2. Supporting our Family Leadership Councils to host immigrant rights workshops for our families so they understand their rights and options. If you want to know more as an advocate and educator, this resource is very helpful.
  3. Encouraging our staff to create safe spaces for children and sharing resources such as Teaching Tolerance to provide our students with emotional support.

As we move forward, we will continue to ensure the EFC Community is informed. We want to let our families know that this affects us all and that we will always have their backs.


Deare EFC Community ,

One of our families was affected by the Oakland fire in the Fruitvale last night. We want to provide you all with an update.

The family is okay. They are currently at the Red Cross working out logistics for them and others affected. We have them covered for most basic needs right now, including uniforms.

We are currently asking for clothes for the family. You can deliver to Epic’s blue building at 1129 29th avenue.

Mom-size 6 or large / shoe size 7.5 (adult)
Dad- size 36 or large
Boy- size adult medium / shoe size 7.5 (adult)
Girl- size 8-10 / shoe size 13 (girl)
Boy- size 7/8 / shoe size 12.5 (boy)

We will send out further communications later and update our Facebook page about other kind of donations once they have a permanent place as they have lost everything.

There are also support efforts underway for the broader community, including a GoFundMe page:…

We are overwhelmed with so much love and kindness already. Thank you for coming together and supporting our community.