Ascend shares Personalization Vision with Oakland Community!

This fIMG_3073all, the ASCEND community is piloting an exciting journey of learning in multi-age classrooms. On Jan 20th, ASCEND shared their journey and vision with the broader Oakland community!




In particular, ASCEND staff and students shared that:

‘In a multi-aIMG_3077ge classroom, we believe

  • Student-driven learning will maximize engagement, thereby fostering creativity, student agency and respect for all learners.
  • With personalized learning and choice, students will take ownership over their individual goals and make progress given their unique needs and strengths.
  • Students will deepen their academic growth and increase their socio-emotional skills by engaging in an authentic, natural learning environment that mirrors that real world.

Key innovations include:

  • multi-age classrooms
  • student agency through goal-setting, reflection, and conferencing
  • Work plans driven by goals, data and needs
  • Flexible learning environments, creation time, flex time, community time= choice and ownership

Thus far, we are most excited about:IMG_3075

  • Students are able to speak more to their data, goals, and learning trajectory
  • Students are able to articulate their learning needs and advocate for themselves and their choices
  • We are cultivating a growth mindset and a culture of risk-taking


As ASCEND community members we have the shared responsibility to strive to offer the best learning opportunities for our students. The pilot is a model of collaborative learning opportunities between students and teachers; we hope to nurture a community of learners where teachers and students explore, discover and grow from each other.

What we are doing is complex. The pilot is a shift in paradigm of the traditional classroom setting and we are redefining what success can look like and be for our students and teachers. We will make mistakes, struggle, and learn along the way. But our vision is guided by love and the desire for our school to resemble the world we wish to create.’