Achieve students ROARED in ‘The Lion King’!


Congratulations to Achieve Academy for putting on their first theatrical production: Disney’s Tony Award winning musical “The Lion King”. As the musical promises, it was indeed a celebration of life!  

Paul Byrd is a proud parent leader and EFC  board member, and his daughter Kaylie is a 3rd grade student at Achieve.  Byrd witnessed the process of the students training for 17 weeks- noting that they worked hard to memorize their lines, learn the choreography, and learn the songs. He said their hard work pushed the students to raise the bar for themselves and to have a better appreciation for the craft of acting. Byrd, who is also an alumnus of Achieve Academy, was proud of his alma mater and its students.  He felt something that the Fruitvale community does not often get to feel: hopeful. He noted that the theater space was packed with parents, family members, and friends. They too felt the high energy throughout the performance and beamed with pride. “Seeing this performance proves that art changes lives in a specific way.” said Byrd. He feels that this will open doors and opportunities for future projects at Achieve.

Congratulations to Achieve Teachers, Cathy Robinson, Ray Garrido, Yu-Ting Chen, and Holly San Miguel who were responsible for bringing this musical to life, along with Disney and the Bay Area Musical Theater. Job well done EFC family!