A Retreat to Remember: Building our Leaders

IMG_0440It was a heartwarming welcome back last Friday when our entire staff met for the first day back for the 2016-17 school year. The day was filled with team-building exercises and motivational messages from our leaders.

EFC’s Chief Executive Officer Hae-Sin Thomas delivered a moving message that focused on the current events that are happening in our country.  She urged all of us to make our voices heard in the political process, in education, social justice, and the safety for people of color. Staff took the message to heart: “America cannot be greater until education becomes a true driver of opportunity. Real opportunity.”

Throughout the day, EFC’s principals led their groups in exercises that dealt with building trust, endurance, and unity. The atmosphere was definitely one of great vitality, especially when everyone formed groups to participate in the ultimate scavenger hunt.

Cox’s Kaprice Simmons is a new member of the EFC family. When asked if she had some words of encouragement for EFC she said, “Choose to see the good in every single person you come in contact with by being humble, respectful and committed.”

Welcome back EFC family!