Parent Workshops at Cox


At EFC, we prioritize engaging our community and one key initiative is our parent workshops. We want to give a shout out to the team at Cox for their hard work in putting on a workshop series for our parents.

It was evident by the smiles on everyone’s faces and the warm interactions that this workshop series was meaningful for all stakeholders. An initial review of the family surveys also indicates that the series has been impactful in not only building parents’ capacity to support their child(ren) at home but also build stronger teacher-family relationships.

It’s not easy to pull off series like this. There are many people to thank. Thanks to David and Kevin for allowing us to pilot this project at Cox. Thanks to Ms. Taylor for making her classroom available for childcare. Thanks to Mr. Ray for providing care during the workshops. Thanks to our translators (Cristina, Vanessa, Daisy, and Natalia) for building relationships with families ensuring they get the support they need. Thanks to the K team – who really took this idea and ran with it.  You guys rocked it!